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Jets will snooze and lose


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in typical jet fashion woody will sit and wait rather than making any decision and moving forward. by the time the jets work out a deal with kc for compensation for hermy the best candidates will be long gone.

they should trade herm to kc for a case of balls. if woody needs a pick, then take a 3rd and laugh your way to the draft.

of course bradway also needs to go. ultimately he will be fired so you might as well let the new gm pick the new hc - no need to waste another 3-4 years.

kubiak is interviewing with houston

childress interviewing w/vikings

heckert signed as GM of eagles

i am telling you the jets will snooze and lose. we will get sloppy seconds or thirds once all of the 'a' candidates have jobs.

act now woody, sh*tcan TB and get what you can from the chiefs for a head coach with a worse record than joe walton!

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What struck me tonight-Jim Tressel has won the 2 biggest games of his career. In both cases he did so when nobody outside Columbus gave him much of a chance. Tonight he beat a suppposedly-better team with an all-world coach pretty easily. And he did it ditching his playbook and going 5 wide all night. That's the kind of guy I'd want. And let's face it-OSU is a tough job. Sooner or later it spits guys out. The window may be open. But this thread is dead on-NFL-not for long. Call up Peterson and get it done instead of letting the Idiot play charades with Mark Canizzaro in the Dunkin Donuts outside the Hofstra main gate. DO IT NOW.

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just for the record, i would be happy with any number of coaching candidates. it doesn't have to be the next vince lombardi, we just don't want the next rich kotite.

do not want: haslett, tice, turner, shotoenheimer (if fired), sherman, mariucci, ditka.

would be happy with: rivera, childress, ferentz, kubiak

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