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Joan Rivers and Leslie Jones are the sh*t...


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With the absolutely ridiculous run of public apologies and groveling we've seen over the past decade (since the nipple hit the Super Bowl and then Mr. Imus), I am proud to say that TWO WHOLE PEOPLE have given a figurative middle finger to the offended this week. Once again people are trying to get Joan Rivers to apologize for a joke she made. She never apologizes, she has no reason to. New SNL cast member Leslie Jones isn't caving in to pressure from the Ebony editor either.


Reminder: You do not have the right to live life without being offended. People will say sh*t that might offend other people - they owe those offended people absolutely nothing.


Meanwhile you have these numb nutted folk over at MSNBC:




Not funny? Not at all, it was a horrible bit. Offensive? GFY then get over yourself, go find and fix a real problem. 

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