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The Official Draft Thread (Day Two)

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You people have no idea if these guys would have truly been available later on. The draft boards you see are terrible.

Jace Amaro ‏@J_ACER22  20h You're going to regret that. I promise with all my heart you will.   Amaro's reaction to not being a 1st round pick.   Love it!!!!

Thank God there are so many GM's that come to this site to tell us who is good and who isn't.  It saves me the trouble of listening to the people on tv or reading the various scouting reports on each player.  Thank Tebow for JetNation posters!

The difference between those guys and the guys here is those guys get paid and we just post.

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He is. He destroyed Bradley Roby, huh?





This way no wait that way - see ya



He is the best route runner in this draft, bar none. Would have been a 3rd or 4th round talent. Could have started day one of the season.


But he has concussion issues. His version is he has one concussion but the league thinks he has had 3 to 4 concussions. From what i read all teams went through his medical reports.


It will be interesting to see where he gets drafted tomorrow. He can come off the 4th round OR be a UDFA depending on what teams saw in his medical report.


After the Ryan Swopes saga last year not sure how many teams would want to gamble if there is something concerning in his medical reports.

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I like the first 2 picks. I just don't get how you walk out of day 2 without a WR when this is one of the best WR classes in years and we desperately need receivers. To me, the bottom fell off after round 3 with guys like Moncrief and Huff going off the board. We've kinda sealed our fate here, there's nothing thrilling left at WR. David Nelson must have some pictures of a high ranking member of the front office.

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"He can run. His stock and trade is speed; he can flat out fly. If you want a guy who can get up and go, this is your guy." -- Charles Davis


He flat out passes the eyeball test.  This guy is a ball hawking, play making CB.  He plays plenty physical and is a good tackler.    I like the pick.  

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