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Before I go, I love draft so far!!


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Goin to see Tar Heels play Florida State in Baseball in a few hours so I just want to say I love draft so far.

How many times as fans did we throw sh*t at TV last year over our assgrease secondary? Well we get Top safety in a troy polamalu mode which I always wanted!! Then we get a CB to also help. 

Main thin is in 2nd we get what I considered PRIORITY ONE, a hybrid TE/WR in Jimmy Graham mold, the new NFL direction. There were 3 of those , Ebron, Jace and ASJ. We got one in mid 2nd round, great move!! This was  a must for Geno, gives him safety valve until he learns playbook and stops panic when primary WR covered and he aint calm enuf to find secondary WR downfield yet.


I assume in Rd/4 we will use a few pick sot trad eup to get either WRs Martavis Bryant or Bruce Ellington.


DVRing , wil lsee when I get back home..Adios fells and GREAT job Idzik,,,,,so far ;)

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