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2014 Fantasy Football Draft Review


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A JetNation Exclusive.  By Mike Dietrich


As we have done in previous years, let’s take a look at the top 20 rookies from a fantasy football point of view for 2014 in 10 team leagues: 

  1. Bishop Sankey- He is in a great spot with only the injured Shonne Greene in front of him.   I expect him to be a 4th round pick.
  2. Mike Evans-With the Mike Williams trade he gets to slide right into the Wr2 spot and with his size should get plenty of TD opportunities with the Bucs. I would look at him form the 8th round on.
  3. Sammy Watkins-I worry about their QB situation, less weeks to understand a much different scheme than he saw in Clemson but if they let him do what he does well he could be a WR3 and drafted after round 8.
  4. Jordan Matthews- He could not have gotten to a better spot in the Eagles and with injury concerns at WR, he could be the best WR stat wise as a rookie with his size.  I would look at him starting in the 10th round.
  5. Carlos Hyde- They have concerns about the recovery of Marcus Lattimore and the Frank Gore train has to end at some point, I can see him getting a chance later in the season and should be drafted 10th round or later.
  6. Brandin Cooks- He has the talent and is in the right system but I can see some real highs and then shutouts depends on who Brees wants to feed that week.  I would look at him 10th round or later.
  7. Terrance West-He only has the oft injured Ben Tate in front of win in what will be a run heavy offense; it all depends on how he picks up the system.  I would look at him 10th round or later.
  8. Allen Robinson- I am going with him due to his size and td opportunities, do not love this spot but Jaguars will be trailing a bunch and I would draft him 12th round or later.
  9. Devonte Freeman- This is a bet on Steven Jackson breaking down which is not a huge bet.  I would draft him 12th round or later.
  10. Andre Williams- He can only play the 1st 2 downs but found a perfect fit with the Giants and only has an injured Wilson and low paid Jennings to beat out.  He should be drafted in all leagues.
  11. Jeremy Hill-The Bengals are supposed to expand Bernard’s role and carries so this is a must handcuff for all owners and is draftable in all leagues.
  12. Tre Mason- The Rams drafted him high for a reason and while he has no pass protect skills, all he has is an oft nicked up and less than 4 YPC Stacy between him and 20 touches a game.  He should be drafted in all leagues.
  13. Storm Johnson- He was a 7th round pick for the Jaguars but found a nice spot for his skill set.  I would take a flier on him in the last round of drafts.
  14. Johnny Manziel- I do not think he will be a fantasy starter but if you do not have a backup spot at the end of drafts, this is a fun gamble to take.
  15. D’Anthony Thomas-The metrics say it will be hard for Jamaar Charles to stay injury free another season and his his dynamic skillset is a must handcuff and a great late round gamble to take due to the offense he will play in.
  16. Devonte Adams- He will be not be playing to start the season but with one injury becomes very fantasy relevant in the Packers offense.  Depending on the size of your roster, this is not a bad stash and wait kind of player.
  17. Teddy Bridgewater- He should be starting in the 2nd half of the year, has some nice weapons on the Vikings and I would roll the dice with him as a QB2.
  18. Kelvin Benjamin- As you can see from my ranking, I am not a big fan and think he will have a very rough transition to the NFL but not an awful flier to take at the end of a draft due to opportunity.
  19. Marquis Lee- I think he will struggle big time with no veteran to take the pressure off and would only draft in a dynasty league.
  20. Devin Street- I do not love the talent but landed in a nice spot.

Thanks for reading!

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