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Pryor talking sh*t to Ebron on Twitter

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Have we figured out who "us" is yet? 

Miami Heat. Well there's one thing I don't like...He's a Miami heat fan.  :tongue:


Ebron going over the middle and then getting destroyed. I hope he swallows his mouthpiece, big mouth.



Im so relieved the Jets didn't get Eric Ebron. 


The word was he had maturity issues. He's still a kid.




Nothing wrong with Pryor socializing about the BB game, It's what the world is now, especially with young people. Of coarse it empowers a tool like Ebron to take a pot shot tho

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his drop rate is obscene and Jets first round TE is a cursed pick. 

In the end I was happy they got Amaro. I didn't mind seeing Ebron come off the board.


It cried out last year for Geno to get some help from some big guys that knew what they were doing, Geno stands tall and throws over the top well. I was very happy with Amaro. After the Pryor pick I was actually very hopeful they would nab Amaro.

Afterwards it was reported that they coveted Marqise Lee also. I would've been happy with that too tho.

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Who cares what is said by these two on Twitter...it seems like there is a personal beef based on the NBA playoffs. All I care about is what the Jets do on the field in season. Everything else is just bluster. That being said, I love how Pryor is staking out his territory. Sow the fear now and then demonstrate some bone jarring hits over the season. If those hits are evident, you will see the WRs/TE/RBs start hearing footsteps and there will be many incomplete passes over the middle.   



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Its sh*t talking between two rookies that haven't even played a down in the NFL yet. I see nothing wrong with this.



Disclaimer: I would like to personally thank Mr. dbatesman for one of the greatest jobs of hijacking a thread that I have ever seen.

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