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Kirk Ferentz ?


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call me crazy but i am getting more into the "regional" approach when it comes to these guys. It doesn't surprise me Ferentz dream job is in Wisconsin, his background is Iowa and CLE with belly. It doesn't surprise me that Saban does well in Miami, his previous employment was in Louisiana. It doesn't surprise me that Herm does well in NY, his background is in Southern Cal (media circus) also he was a player in Philly.

What causes red flags to go up is when there is some sort of mix up. bringing Ferentz or a guy like Bill Cowher to NYC sends up a red flag for me. it's like when the Yankees go get a Jeff Weaver or a Javier Vazquez these guys leave their comfort regions and end up sucking. Put them back in the sticks they are good players again. Small town guys do well in the small towns. Big city guys do better in the big cities.

My point, if Herm leaves i don't know that there are any obvious choices - and i guaruntee that you would see "in their own words: Mike Heimerdinger" or "in their own curse words: Donnie Hendersson" on the NFL Network anytime soon.

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