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Calvin Pryor Reaches Agreement with Jets


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Calvin Pryor Reaches Agreement with Jets

Posted 17 minutes ago

120725-on-the-inside-with-eric-allen-heaEric AllenSr. Reporter/Director, Internet ProgrammingEmail @eallenjets On the Inside




The Jets announced today that they have signed rookie safety Calvin Pryor.

A 5’11”, 207-pounder out of Louisville, Pryor becomes the 11th of the Jets’ 12-man draft class to come to terms with the Green & White. When the Jets selected Pryor with the No. 18 overall pick, it marked the sixth straight year the Jets took a defensive player in Round 1.

Pryor, who was impressive at rookie minicamp, didn’t participate in the team portion of OTAs on Wednesday.

“You talk about a passionate guy and the enthusiasm and everything else — you’ll see it,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “When he gets out there you’ll see it. But yeah, (he) will have a few wisdom teeth removed. So he’s going to miss a few days.”


Labeled as an “enforcer” by Ryan, Pryor carried the nickname “Louisville Slugger” after flying all over the field for the Cardinals. In three collegiate seasons, Pryor totaled 218 tackles, 7 INTs and 14 PDs.


"They brought me here for a reason," he said during rookie camp. "With the 18th pick, I have to come in here and get respect from the older guys and the vets, and I feel like I have to just earn their respect and earn everything. Right now, that's what I'm focused on, just learning the system so I'll be ready to go."

Pryor packs a punch, but he wants to be known for more than just his hitting ability.

“I’m very confident in my ability, first and foremost. I feel like I have the complete package as a safety,” he said. “Most people know me as a hard-hitting safety because I had a few hard hits in college. But when you watch my film, you see that playmaking ability that jumps out at you, a guy that’s flying around and has passion for the game.”



Jets | Calvin Pryor signs

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 09:17:23 -0700

The New York Jets signed their first-round pick, S Calvin Pryor, to his rookie deal Monday, June 2. Per NFL rules, all rookie deals are for four years in length. Financial terms weren't disclosed.

Comment | Source: New York Daily News - Manish Mehta | Share: facebook.png 

Read more: http://www.kffl.com/hotw/nfl#ixzz33V1mKnCb


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While it often seemed as though Sanchez was playing for the opposing team's defense, I don't believe that was technically the case.


Exactly.  It's 6 first rounders in 5 years on D, but in 2009 they picked Sanchez. They probably screwed up counting Richardson and Milliner like they were in different years. 

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The New York Jets have signed their 1st round draft pick, Calvin Pryor.

Here is what Matt Bitonti from DraftDaddy.com said about Calvin Pryor after the draft:

Round 1: S Calvin Pryor, Louisville

Pryor will be an instant starter right now and hopefully for 10+ years. At the risk of jinxing this player terribly, Pryor is possibly an all-time great pick; Rodney Harrison or Ronnie Lott are not completely unrealistic expectations. Yes I know that’s a crazy prediction to make. But everyone I talked to raves about this player. He describes himself as fearless and it’s clear from the film that he’s an impact player. He can ball hawk, not strictly a run support player, and a huge upgrade over Dewan Landry or whoever they were planning to trot out there at safety.

The Jets defense wasn’t actually elite last season. They got their sacks and were great against the run but how many times were they burned on third and real long? The Calvin Pryor selection is a direct response to that problem.

Who else could they have taken? The only value WR the Jets could get day one was Brandin Cooks, and it’s hard to imagine a lineup with Cooks and Jeremy Kerley on the field at the same time. I personally might have selected Darqueze Dennard but Dennard might not have started as a rookie (more on that when we discuss the McDougle pick). Pryor will start, and that’s a draft pick that has more impact.

A quick word about the value of the safety position, there were four safeties in round one but only three quarterbacks. The Cardinals trade down and subsequent pick of Deone Buchanon seemed like a pouty response to Pryor going two slots earlier. The Packers took Hasean Clinton-Dix and the Niners took Jimmy Ward, one year after taking Eric Reid in a similar spot. Safeties are at a premium these days, and with all the changes to the game emphasizing passing, it makes sense that safeties would go up in value.

It’s also clear that Pryor was graded out higher than most players left on the board, as many respected sources had him as a top 15 pick. The Jets have only had two drafts in the John Idzik era but a hallmark of his selections in round one is “someone who could have gone higher.”

Dexter McDougle (3rd round pick) is now the only unsigned draft pick for the Jets.

Continue the conversation in our

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Jets | Calvin Pryor financials

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 09:41:26 -0700

New York Jets S Calvin Pryor's four-year rookie deal is worth $8.56 million and is fully guaranteed. The deal includes a signing bonus of roughly $4.5 million, and the contract also includes a fifth-year option. Pryor is expected to start in Week 1.

Comment | Source: ESPNNewYork.com - Rich Cimini | Share: facebook.png 

Read more: http://www.kffl.com/hotw/nfl#ixzz33VJ2TzZg

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  RotoWorld is reporting that it's a 4 yr  $8.56 million deal with a $4.5 million signing bonus. Let's hope he stays healthy and is a STRONG ADDITION to the secondary. I love his aggressiveness , but, the  physical hitting technique that worked in college could cost us key defensive penalties. I hope he learns quickly to refine his tackling techniques.

   I'm an old guy and remember SS Jack Tatum from his playing days at Passaic High and I believe Ohio St before he fine tuned his HITTING STYLE. and became known as THE  ENFORCER for the Raiders. Other than Ronnie Lott, I don't remember another more physical duo of hard hitting safties. I'm getting EXCITED just thinking about it. He could be intimidating over the middle to WR's.  

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On Twitter you need 160 characters to tell the news. In the forums you need posts that are three pages long at times. On our blog an article explaining what, when and why is what it takes.


But on Facebook you just need pictures.  Here is what we ran about Pryor signing today on Facebook.



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PSJ's Pryor signs with Jets for expected $4.55 million bonus

Calvin Pryor signed his rookie deal with the New York Jets for a reported $4.55 million signing bonus.

AP photo
By Brad Milner | News Herald Writer Twitter: @PCNHBradMilner
Published: Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 17:19 PM.

NEW YORK — Nothing soothes the pain of dental work quite like a few million dollars.

Port St. Joe and Louisville standout Calvin Pryor signed with the New York Jets on Monday. The No. 18 overall selection at safety penned a four-year rookie deal worth an estimated $8.56 million, according to CBSsports.com. The contract also calls for an estimated $4.55 million signing bonus.

Rookie contracts are based on draft position. Complete details of the contract were not released by the Jets, as of Tuesday.

Pryor missed portions of the Jets’ Organized Team Activities last week due to extraction of three wisdom teeth. He was able to participate in individual drills but was held out of team activities when swelling was too great to wear a helmet. He spent time on a stationary bicycle and observed practice.

The lack of OTA work wasn’t a concern for Jets coach Rex Ryan. He lauded the selection of Pryor on draft day and said the former Tiger Shark was “very impressive” during rookie minicamp May 16-18.

Pryor voiced frustration to nj.com about not being able to compete, saying “I want to be out there with the guys.” He added that he was still engaging in “mental reps” and was looking forward to full contact.

Contact became his trademark, as he was nicknamed “Louisville Slugger” for his hard hits with the Cardinals. The physical mentality immediately attracted the Jets and they made him the team’s sixth consecutive first-round defensive selection.

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Calvin Pryor Talks About Signing Big Money Rookie Deal With Jets


Video inside link



New York, NY---Calvin Pryor has to chuckle a bit when first asked what it's like to sign a contract with millions of dollars attached.

He did just that Tuesday afternoon as we spoke by phone about that rookie deal, and how he's progressing so far with his NFL team, the New York Jets.

As we told you Monday night, Pryor, the 18th overall pick in last month's draft, signed his rookie contract with the New York Jets. It's a four year deal worth more than $8.5 million, with $4.5 million up front as a signing bonus.

Getting back to our phone conversation Tuesday afternoon, my first question was about that contract and what it felt like to put his name to a contract with those incredible numbers attached!

"(laughs) It was unbelievable man." Pryor responded. "It's kind of crazy because I never thought I'd get to this point. But when you hear about, when you're talking millions, it kind of sinks in. It kind of hits you. And I took a little while to sign you know. At first some things were kind of complicated between the people in the Jets organizationlb_icon1.png that did my contract, and my agent. But they all talked it out, came to an agreement. And once I finally signed, it was just a sigh of relief and now I'm able to just go out and focus on football now."

Pryor then talked about his dealings with a financial adviser, that in fact started before he left Louisville. He says he has no intention of running out of money after his football days are over, and he's working with that adviser to find good, solidinvestmentsicon1.png.

Calvin did tell me he's already bought himself an Audi, but if other lavish gifts are to come, it will be gifts for his mother and father. He is thinking of perhaps a car, and even as he put it "a really big house for them."

For now Pryor is living in a hotel with other Jets players and he says he likes that, he's getting to know other players by hanging out with them. In the next few weeks though he will find an apartment or condo up there to rent.

And before our conversation ended, Calvin asking me to give a specific shout out to his football coach at St. Joe Vern Barth, who's now at Bay.

Calvin says "coach Barth means everything to me. Coach Barth got this all started! I love you coach!"

We'll hear more from my conversation with the Jets rookie safety all week long here on Newschannel 7.

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Doing the safety dance with Pryor & Co.


With first-round pick Calvin Pryor now officially official, having signed his four-year, $8.56 million contract, this is a good time to analyze how the New York Jets might deploy their safeties. It's an interesting question because they have three players they consider starting-caliber safeties -- Pryor, Dawan Landry and Antonio Allen


Obviously, we're not talking about the Seattle Seahawks' safety group here, so it shouldn't take long for Pryor to find a place in the starting lineup. 

Like Landry and Allen, Pryor is a natural "box" safety, but scouts say his coverage skills are good enough to where he can be used in zone coverage -- i.e. the deep middle -- although no one is calling him a young Ed Reed. Landry, whose coverage skills are extremely limited, offers value in a quarterback-type role -- a heady player who can make sure everyone is lined up properly. Allen is unusal because he has the athleticism to play man-to-man coverage against top tight ends (ask Rob Gronkowski), yet he's a bit shaky in zones because his instincts and reaction skills need work. 

So you have three strong-safety types with different strengths and weaknesses. Don't be surprised if Rex Ryan goes back to a three-safety package on certain passing downs, which he did quite often last season. There were many times in which the Jets preferred a third safety (Jaiquawn Jarrett) over a fourth corner in dime situations. Unfortunately, we don't have a breakdown of how often they used a three-safety package, but the snap distribution over the first nine games (before Reed signed) illustrates how much they relied on three safeties as part of the weekly game plan: 

Landry -- 620 snaps/99 percent 

Allen -- 397/64 percent 

Jarrett -- 234/37 percent 

When Reed signed, Ryan dropped Allen like a bad habit, using a Reed-Landry tandem for a few games. Finally realizing Reed, 35, no longer was the impact player he remembered from Baltimore, Ryan scaled back Reed's playing time, opting for a late-season platoon system that included Allen. It occurred too late to dramatically change the snap distribution over the final seven games, which clearly shows a reliance on two safeties: 

Landry -- 461/97 percent 

Reed -- 368/78 percent 

Allen -- 137/29 percent 

Jarrett -- 43/9 percent 

Looking ahead, Ryan and defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman probably will do a lot of mixing and matching, letting personnel and game situations dictate the lineup. For instance, when the Jets face an athletic, pass-catching tight end, Allen probably will have a greater role in the game plan. Landry's role could shrink as Pryor gets comfortable with the defense from a cerebral standpoint. In the end, you will see a lot of Pryor and a playing-time breakdown that resembles the first nine games from 2013, with three players in contributing roles


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