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Sheldon Richardson to Jets: Pay Muhammad Wilkerson


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Muhammad Wilkerson has outplayed his rookie deal, set to make about $2.2 million this season after leading the Jets in sacks with 10.5 last season.

Linemate Sheldon Richardson hopes the Jets remedy the problem and lock up Wilkerson long term.

"Hopefully, they do the right thing and pay the man," the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year said Friday, via The New York Post. "That's coming from me. That's somebody I want around. But it's just business. You have no control over it.

"He's due for a paycheck, though. Believe that, he's due for a paycheck."

Richardson is right.

Wilkerson has been fantastic for the Jets, helping to form one of the best three-man fronts in the league along with Richardson and Damon "Big Snacks" Harrison. As Chris Wesseling pointed out last year, Wilkerson has helped to fill the star void created by Darrelle Revis's departure from New York by becoming one of the best defensive ends in the NFL.

Wilkerson is signed with the Jets through 2015, and he salary will get a hefty pay hike to $6.9 million next season on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal.

It would be wise for the Jets to lock him up now. If Wilkerson has another season like last year, he will command even more money when it's time to negotiate.


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Richardon is gearing up for his own contract demands after the 2015 season.


Idzik won't re-sign Mo until after this season. There's no need to give him a new deal with two years remaining on his current one.

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LOL, I know. many folks say 'short career'. I agree but so then SAVE some, LOL.

If a person makes 100K year for 30 years , thats 3 Million, with not alot generating interest cause its in 100K payments 1xyear.

If you have 2-6 million over  a few year , save some and generate income for a lifetime. That where great agents or mentors come in handy.

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Obviously that franchise tag is leverage...as a third party Id hate to see Mo underpaid with some of the contracts we've given out...because lets face it...he is underpaid. I do understand what some of us perceive Idziks stance to be. I am just kinda sorta hoping he says F it and halfway thru the year signs him to a 5-6 yr escalating contract. Split the total of his cost in the next two years evenly over the next two years and increase the 3-4 yrs after that. That seems like something Mo would go for...theres your leverage.

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