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LOL, who just got fired in Univ Florida Media Dept?


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2014 Florida Gators calendar includes a certain accused multi-murderer
BY DES BIELER July 1 at 1:33 AM

So it turns out that there’s this Florida Gators calendar that, while it’s for 2014, highlights some of the school’s biggest stars of recent seasons. Or as it shrieks on the back of the calendar, “Features college alumni players Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin!”

It also features Mr. July, a pass-catching tight end named Aaron Hernandez. You know, the guy now better known for being accused of murdering three people in two separate incidents.


As GatorZone Football (“The official Twitter feed of Florida Gator football”) pointed out over Twitter, a product like this gets licensed by the school to a third party and would have been approved way back in the spring of 2013. But it’s still a bad look. On the other hand, this could also turn out to be that rare calendar that sells better in July than it did in, say, January.

Also, as Deadspin (hat tip!) could not resist pointing out, it’s on sale at Target.



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