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Michael Vick Pranked by Radio Show.

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Michael Vick pranked by radio show after getting set up by Jason Peter


Jets quarterback Michael Vick was recently a "guest" on The Crazy Zone with Paul Jefferson, a sports-talk radio show based in New York City.

Except the whole thing was a set-up.

There's no The Crazy Zone, and there's no Paul Jefferson. The bit was actually a prank call that was the handiwork of Nephew Tommy, a co-host on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, with an assist from Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters, Vick's friend and former teammate.

The prank is obvious from the beginning of the full audio clip: Peters arranges for Vick to phone Nephew Tommy (aka Thomas Miles) under the guise that he's calling a legit sports-talk show, whereupon caller after caller asks Vick a series of ridiculous questions.

(We interrupt to note that Vick recently told TMZ he was getting into the stand-up comedy business. And that TMZ got hold of an abbreviated clip of Vick getting pranked before any affiliates that carry The Steve Harvey Show put the segment on their websites. And that after he realizes he's been had, Vick gets in a plug for an upcoming comedy show he's producing in Louisiana. And that the club hosting the show tweeted out a link to the audio of the prank. And that Vick re-tweeted the club's tweet. Read what you will into all that.)

Three of the "callers" bring up the following with Vick:

• One says his cousin had been in the same cell block as Vick when Vick was in prison on dogfighting charges, and that Vick promised to send him a signed jersey.

• Another puts on a black-power pose and suggests Vick's battle with Geno Smith for the Jets' starting quarterback job amounts to "black-on-black quarterback crime."

• Another asks if Vick could help arrange to get his dog into a "poodle ring."

Vick gets exasperated after the first couple of callers, but sticks with it. After the "poodle ring" inquiry, he finally tells "Paul" he doesn't want to talk to any more listeners, at which point Nephew Tommy let him in on the gag. "I was about to get my agent on the phone," Vick says. "I got something for Jason Peters."



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