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Put your name on it. Predict the Jets final record


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10-6 in a season full of wild swings (maybe a rough start followed by the team gelling).  I think we're making the playoffs and will be a team nobody wants to face.  Our D will be fearsome by the end of the year and offense will be decent.  Geno will be the starter all year (assuming health) and will be good enough to get the job done on most weeks (though we'll question him once we lose in the post-season).  We will beat good teams too.  Our O-line will need attention in next year's draft.  Pryor will be an impact player (in a good way).

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Geno starts preseason but is miserable. 


Vick starts week 1 and does well, enjoying such early success that fans forget his felonies and gain visions of a Vinny T-like late career resurgence. 


Vick gets hurt in a key game (of course) and Geno will play again. It will be choppy but maybe gets hot toward the end .... who knows if it's enough for the playoffs or to save Rex's job. I say yes... because **** 'em, that's why (popcopy). 


The Jets will split with the Pats but sweep the Bills and the Fins both of which suffering key OL injuries already (Cordy Glenn has some undisclosed sickness and Mike Pouncey is really hurt). 

So yeah that's how it goes. A real kick to the nuts, just like every other year. 

I remember the pavilion, we had big fun there! 


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Rex will show that with a decent offense his defense will crush any opponent in sight. Geno Smith will throw for over 3,500 yards, and over 20 TD's. Eric Decker will get close to 1,000 yards and Chris Johnson will show that averaging 3.9 yards per carry and over 1,000 yards on a torn knee with 8 stacked in the box doesn't mean that your career should be put into question. That chip on his shoulder will work wonders for our offense. Jace Amaro and Cumberland will actually make a nice tandem and the overall play of the WR's will be significant in its upgrade from last year. 


The Jets will go 5-1 in their division, splitting the games with the Pats. 

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Rex is fired.


Vick and Geno are both terrible. They run off together to get married, even though they could have stayed in NY to do it.

As if bad play isn't enough, now you're predicting herpes for Geno? That's not nice.

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