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Geno Smith expects to be in Top 5 in a Year or 2


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LOL! I would MUCH rather be a JETS fan Rooten for  GENO  :superman:   to have a great season than to be an Eagles fan dealing with Sanchez  :sign0182:  !

Also looking for any updates on Pryor?


"Rooten?" Really? The stupid...it burns!

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you're right. I mean he should just ignore the media and take the fine, he's rich , or just be honest and say he sucks and always will, because that would mean there are no headlines about the jets and no criticism, it's the better way


Then, the responses would be how Geno is a Ryan Leaf 2.0, not a team guy, locker room cancer, primaddona...he be called "Meno" for the duration of his time here.

No, no...Geno needs to come clean...admit his inability to be a QB...and count the moments til the intelligent people realize that the dumb people are right in their assessment...and BOOM, Vick til 2015...draft a superQB, and all will be happy.

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I appreciate that players are often put in a "must answer a question" position by the media.


I appreciate that Rex Ryan has a "Braggart" style of leadership that rubs off on players.


I appreciate that confidence > the lack of same.


With that said....


There is alot of hot air coming from the Jets this off/preseason. 


Hot Air is fine......till you don't back it up on the field.


Personally, I have always preferred the Curtis Martin style.  Talk little, let your play do the talking.


I know thats not Rex's way, and hence isn't his teams way.


But frankly, we have rookies who think they're the best this, and 2nd years the best that, and QB's (worst in the NFL) saying top 5, and on and on and on.


We go 11-5 and win two playoff games, it's all validated.


We go 7-9 or 8-8 again and the same old issues exist (QB, DBackfield) and really, the Jets start moving into the realm of parody with all their unsupported bluster.


So go ahead, talk the talk Jets.


I hope you can walk the walk too, because wins are whats counted, not how many times you claim to be the best.

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