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Eric Decker catching passes and praise at NY Jets training camp

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Through three days of training camp, Decker has looked like the man the team had hoped to see. He’s easily been the best receiver on the field.

“He seems to be getting a lot of action,” Rex Ryan said. “So the ball’s finding him, and that’s a good thing. That happens because you get open.

“He presents a big target,” Ryan added of the 6-3 receiver. “Gets open, gets separation. Even though ... he’s not the fastest guy.”

A large benefit of Geno Smith getting roughly three-quarters of the first-team snaps — even though GM John Idzik comically doesn’t recognize that the sophomore is the presumed starting quarterback — is that he gets to work on establishing chemistry with his new receiver.

Smith got an even larger percentage of first-team snaps on Saturday, 16 for the young QB as opposed to just three for Michael Vick.

Part of Decker’s responsibility is to try and make the game easier for Smith, who is trying to improve on of a tough first season in the NFL.

“I’ve got to be able to run my routes and be in the right spot so he doesn’t have to worry about me making mistakes,” Decker said. “Everyone takes that upon themselves, they have to be dependable.”

Decker spent the first four years of his career in Denver, where he helped lead the team to the Super Bowl last season. He is trying to impart some of his wisdom to his new teammates.

“With my experience of being on a successful team and knowing what it takes to at least have a chance to play in the big game ... everything you do is for a purpose,” he said.

Decker was added to a team that badly needed weapons: Jeremy Kerley was the team’s leading receiver in 2013 with just 523 yards.

With Decker now wearing green and white, Ryan claims the Jets have the best receiving corps in the six years he’s been with the team.

“We had Braylon (Edwards), we had Tone (Santonio Holmes), there were a couple of guys that maybe looked awesome,” Ryan said. “But I don’t know if we were as deep. Right now, I would say so.”

How deep the Jets are at the position is debatable, but with Decker on board it shouldn’t be hard for this year’s crop of receivers to surpass last year’s accomplishments.

Decker might end up aiding the defense as well, with young cornerback Dee Milliner facing him in practice every day. Milliner told the Daily News on Saturday he believes he’s the best corner in the league, but he is coming off a shaky rookie season.

“Speaking from my rookie year to now, I’ve grown so much as a receiver,” Decker said. “I feel like I understand the game better, I understand releases better and how DBs play, and he’s on that path of figuring out how to play certain guys.”

Decker says he’s not taking it easy on Milliner as his competitive side wants to beat him, even if it’s just practice.

“I wouldn’t say I give my secrets away this early,” he said. “But once we get into the season, for sure. I think that’s the beauty of competing and being teammates.” 



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boy I bet you were disappointed in my history of thread starting !!!


thanks for not bumping the one where I declared shaun Hill the best FA QB for the jets, lol

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