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Demario Davis brings the real


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Linebacker Demario Davis says Jets have 'got to work a lot harder' to be the best defense in the NFL

By Manish Mehta

The Jets may be brimming with confidence entering the second week of training camp, but not everyone is fully on board with a pair of bold proclamations made to the Daily News in recent days. Rookie cornerback Dee Milliner said that he’s the best cornerback in the league, while veteran outside linebacker Calvin Pace proclaimed that the Jets have the best defense in the NFL.

Third-year linebacker Demario Davis hopes both of them are right, but he isn’t prepared to say that his team is the best anything just yet.

“Can we be? Yes, of course, everybody knows that, everybody believes that, people have seen that,” Davis said of the defense on Sirius XM radio on Tuesday. “But what it seems like is that, it seems like too many people are saying we can be the best defense or we are the best defense but the work has to show it.”

“You know, as far as me seeing it, have we been putting in the work to be the best defense?” Davis continued. “I would say no. In the first couple weeks we’ve got to work a lot harder. Guys gotta put more individual time in, you’ve got to watch a lot more film, you’ve got to stay on the field a lot longer, you’ve got to come out a lot earlier. It’s not just what is mandatory. If you want to be the best you’ve got to do more. Being the best doesn’t just happen.”

Davis, one of the young leaders on Rex Ryan’s defense, made it clear the journey to the top of the mountaintop is a long one. He has already said that he believes the Jets are “more than a playoff team,” but realizes that being the best defense in the league won’t happen overnight.

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying that,” Davis said. “I’ve said it myself but personally I don’t feel like we’re putting in the work right now to be the best. We have a long way to go and right now we’re not on pace to be the best. We’ve got to start fast this year. We can’t afford to try to catch fire late in the season. We’ve got to start fast.”

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Secretly a stud and by far the best LBer on the roster. This is one of my favorite players on the team, even if he does have crazy outdated beliefs that he feels the need to share (IIRC he was outspokenly against homosexuality). As a football player the guy can really ball. might be the best sideline to sideline ILB/MLBLB they've had since a young Vilma, and he brings a physicality that Vilma lacked.

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