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Jets at Bengals - Preseason Week # 2 -- Game Thread

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Kind of embarrassing that I am this predictable, because this is 100% true. I opened a bottle of Jameson at kickoff, and you're all reaping the rewards.

I think we've just found JN's new slogan.   "Jetnation.com:  Hit the bottle before you hit the game thread."

Hey, give Idzik a break. All he had was 40 million and 12 draft picks. How can you possibly improve a team with that?

no, same coverage.  if you look at the endzone view they showed going to commercial, wilson was actually closer to sanu than the bengal was to nelson.  the difference is daltons pass was better


I'm sure you can understand that


I fully understand that both the coverage of Wilson/Jets and the coverage of the Bengals were indeed terrible. 


It was a pass both QB's should make. 

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The secondary is what it is.But we a defensive genius on site.


The total lack of a pass rush is an embarrassment. Ww here over and over how the front 7 is all world; were are the sacks and big plays? 


Put Johnson user glass until opening day and see if the garbage QB can do anything other than throw 4 yard pass on 3rd and 9.


This last series, down 2 TDs and 2 runs and desperation pass, is not an NFL offense. And why early in the game down a TD are you kicking a FG on 4th and 3?


This scared loser football.

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