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Jets at Bengals - Preseason Week # 2 -- Game Thread

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Kind of embarrassing that I am this predictable, because this is 100% true. I opened a bottle of Jameson at kickoff, and you're all reaping the rewards.

I think we've just found JN's new slogan.   "Jetnation.com:  Hit the bottle before you hit the game thread."

Hey, give Idzik a break. All he had was 40 million and 12 draft picks. How can you possibly improve a team with that?

Smith hasn't done anything terrible tonight. The int was a miscommunication and could easily be on Nelson(a scrub). He's completing passes to backup players with a poor line in front of him. Johnson sucks anyways.

Winters, Mangold and the entire secondary are very bad right now.

But they also haven't asked him to do much. In fact they've ran the ball way too often.

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Is this Cincy's second string, im being serious.


pretty sure the jets defense was #1's vs cincy #2 defense for the last 2 drives


pretty sure the jetrs offense has been facing the bengals #1 defense ther whole half

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Congrats. You've taken over as the most intolerable poster here, and that's saying something.

I've had just about enough of you littering every thread with your sh*t. Tone it down a bit.

Lol he's one of the top bloggers/writers on this site. Better run your tone past max first.

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Srs? What do you think? Vontaze isn't out their, bengals aren't getting any pressure, can't tackle and cover. Honestly, after that domination which string do you think is in first or 2nd?


Because a team cant dominate one series and not the next

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Geno looks pretty good as does Powell. Pass blockings been decent, run blocking pretty crappy.

The dline looked like sh*t tonight and obviously the secondary is a mess.

Guys who are terrible and need to be replaced ASAP;





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Because a team cant dominate one series and not the next


Vontaze isn't out their, their definitely playing their first stringers.


And since people can't read, for your time.





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