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I used the free account with my family's FIOS login and watched the game in HD w no problem from Virginia Beach - about 5-10 minute delay, but I can live with that.  Pretty awesome!


I agree.  It was the best ive ever seen a game on my lappy top.  I didnt really follow the gamethread too closely so not sure how much delay there was.


I recommend this to anyone who is out of market and can get a family member or friend to lend their login info for you.

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If you're in an Apartment, Direct TV WILL sell you their online package of Sunday Ticket.

The problem is for folks in a House (not Apt.) who can't get DTV because of terrain or obstacles (in my case tall old growth trees not on my property).

DTV will NOT sell folks like me the service, despite knowing they themselves told me (when they came to check out my place) that I couldn't get a signal, at all.

check out the online option SoFla, I think if you're in an Apt., you'll be good to go, and I think it's only ~$200 or so.

That's exactly right Warfish and that's what we did and how much we are paying.

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Using Nimble now via my FIOS account - streaming Channel 11 (CW) -in INDIA of all places





Nervous now about the Russian SW (or author) - how do I know Nimble

isnt going to use my linked CC accounts????


They seem pretty legit to me, they have offices in NYC.

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