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Sheldon Richardson on the Giants.


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If the Jets and Giants were to play in the regular season:




“If you’re saying if this was a real game and the 1s were out there, I think it would have been a pretty different game,” Richardson said. “It wouldn’t even be close.”



On The Giants having a 2 time Super Bowl MVP in Eli Manning:




“What does that mean? What-Have-You-Done-For-Me-Lately league, that’s what it’s called,” Richardson said.



On big mouth Andre Williams:




“He was scared,” the refreshingly-honest Richardson said. “I’ve seen him play at Boston College. Didn’t run the same. He was scared, man. He did his thing against the 2s and 3s though, I give him that.”



On the Giants O playing the Jets D:




“Just saying that offense couldn’t handle our defense, period, not just offensive and defensive line,” Richardson said.



Calvin Pace on the Jets D matching up against any oppositions run game:




“I like the way we match up with anybody, man,” Pace said. “I think it’s gonna be real difficult for teams to just legitimately run the ball down the field.


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