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Jets 5 point favs over Raiders- opinions?


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Also I think this is a good bet to take the Jets on. This is a line based on perception and the one thing that Rex is pretty consistent with is beating up on rookie QBs that are seeing his defense for the first time. West coast team playing the 1pm game on the road too. It's week 1 but that still matters.

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Would never bet on Jets game but like this number. Rex kills all rookie QBs, Raiders are horrible on opening day in the last decade, and Rex has 1 loss opening day I believe (Ravens game) since he has been the Jets head coach. They'll be ready...and frankly they desperately need to win based on their schedule. But regardless I like the line.

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I don't think Derek Carr hs ever seen the types of blitzes and just maniacal movement in the D that he will see on sunday..


1) Crazy D schemes

2) Rookie QB in his first ever start

3) 1pm EST start for  Raiders is going to feel like 10am.

4) Jets Home Game




Jets 28 - Raiders 13


Take the points and the win.



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