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The Scotch/Bourbon/Rye/Whiskey Thread


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Favorite Bourbon: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.  Just be warned it needs more than a dash of water, though I wouldn't ice it.  It is 140 proof, so its a slow, sipping whiskey.  i take it with a water back to slow me down.  If you want to have a good drinker as opposed to a sipper, Bulleit is a nice bourbon, though no where near as complex as the Craig. If you're new to bourbon, I suggest good old Jim Beam.  It's sweeter and likes a mixer like ginger ale, and can be had straight as well, once weened off the mixer.  You'll eventually get to a point where the sweetness becomes a bit much and move to more refined bourbons that will kill both your liver and your wallet.  The Craig is under $50.  i'd wait on it until you really acquire the taste though.


As for scotch, Johnny black does the trick for me unless i'm feeling artsy.  Then i go with Laphroaig Single Malt 10.  It's a mouthful of earth and peat moss and tastes like you just dug a chunk of damp Scottish pasture up, dropped it into juicer made of burnt oak and ladled grain alcohol into it.  It's a fun Scotch for me. The 10 year old runs about $50, but you can spend hundreds on the 18 yr varieties.   My apologies to warfish for my less than eloquent descriptions.


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