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New Posters, Introduce yourself!!


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LOL, OK. I had JI in title cause of the exodus of JI the last few days. it seemed relevant and eye catching.

I get the whole Kumbaya welcome all, but wasnt aware of the other sites having a exodus in last few days ;)

But feel more than welcome to  change my thread titles as you see fit, LOL


So I guess if you want this thread to cover everyone forever it makes sense and makes me feel honored  ;)

I changed the title of the thread. 


I said in it another thread and I truly stand by it. We don't care where posters come from be it JI, NJ.com, TGG, JA, whatever. We're Jets fans first and foremost.  Doesn't matter where you came from it matters that you are here. No need for distinctions. 


Welcome everyone. 

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I am Shadetree. I am not new, but I am insecure and want everybody to like me. I think I was part of original exodus and haven't been here as much as I like. Im psyched to see, then remember, names from back in the day.

If dick kotite is really back and Tom Shane gets funny again, this place is gonna rock and roll in '14.

Jets, Mets, Islanders and, as a result, I like to self medicate.

I was at fake spike game, too. I was also at vinnys Achilles game. The Achilles game was one of the worst days of my life. I loved that 98 team and 99 was our year.

On a better day, I was in Tampa for the "flash light" game...that was awesome.

I grew up in West Islip, long island so I hate all things East Islip, especially Boomer Eaiason, sal ciampi, and sal ciampi, jr. It's my birth right.

I do not respect Jets fans that like Mark Gastineau.

I believe Joe Klecko belongs in the Hall of Fame and consider it an insult that he is not.

I make sauce, not gravy, twenty Sundays a year, beginning this Sunday.

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Live in Sussex County New Jersey my whole life. 

Have been Jets fan since 1994 when I was 6 and my dad was able to get tickets through his work. 

I go to most games every year, but do not have season tickets

I currently write for a daily newspaper in New Jersey. 

I like the jets and golf. that's about it. 

Been a member here since 2007 and a mod since 2012. I've hated every minute of it. 

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Hi I'm Nick

Born and live in South Yorks, England.

Been a Jets fan for about 10 years now, got into football purely by accident of acute insomnia and the games been shown very late over here.

Graphic/Web Designer by occupation

Other interests include, skiing, military history, musical theatre and boobies.

Welcome fellow Brit.

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