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Hope you're right. 


If the Jets win, he's got to walk home from my house.   I just dont have an entire uniform for him to wear, so instead; He has to wear my Jets snuggie (Xmas present, lol), over a Jets hooded sweatshirt, a Jets beanie, Jets sweatpants and cleats. 


One of us is going to be very hot and embarrassed. 


Very hot indeed!   :love0038:

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Raiders - 17

Jets - 3


Jets suck, cant score and cant stop the pass.  They lose embarrassingly.  Which means I'll be losing a bet to my friend who's a Raider fan.  In which, I have to walk home from his house, 2 miles from mine, decked out in an entire Raiders uniform...cleats, helmet, pants, mouth piece, etc.  No pads though.  Thank god.


Milliner out.  Probably more like 24-3 now.


Definitely losing this bet.

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Late with this. We need a captain in the worst.




Jets 28

Raiders 16


Rex pummels the rookie. Confidence flows.


Geno throws two TDs: one to Amaro, one to Kerley. The Raiders move the ball well enough, but keep settling for field goals.


Jets 27

Raiders 24


Geno plays a clean game, our run game looks dominant. Early scores by Ivory, Cumberland and Salas.


"Folk hero" bails Rex out after he goes conservative late in the game, taking the foot off the gas offensively and playing prevent most of the 4th quarter while Carr gets streaky (as we learned he does in the pre-season, amiright?) Putting his signature on the game with his defense almost failing to close after 3 quarters of absolute domination.

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