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Lacy status week two to be decided


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We are talking about you and your inability to read. read the tweet, and then your post. I really hope you can figure it out.. since I quoted both and put the same parts in bold. 

Oh, I already have it figured out. You're the one we're trying to help do that.


Here's another chance for you to see that saying he was "out" for the game was premature.





Earlier on Friday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said running back Eddie Lacy has cleared the first step of the NFL’s concussion protocol.  Per a league source, Lacy is optimistic that, in the next nine days, he’ll clear them all.

Lacy, who suffered a concussion last September and missed the next game because of it, has some extra time to get ready given that the Packers played on the opening Thursday of the season.  On September 14, the PAckers face the Jets.

Still, Lacy has now sustained two concussions in 16 career regular-season games.  The Packers have high aspirations for Lacy in 2014; if he develops a concussion problem, it will be difficult for him to meet those goals.

It’s already going to be difficult to meet those goals, given that Lacy gained only 34 yards rushing on Friday night against the Seahawks.


Hard to be optimistic that you'll play, when pointman has already declared you "out". :roll:

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Lacy out definitely helps the cause but getting Milliner back will be much more important for a Jets victory.

Bulaga out would be yummy for the DL. The Packers OL is soft.

And with Raji out our run game should be able to get big chunks of yards.

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I read it the same way he did.  The tweet means he has no game scheduled for 10 days.

I am saying the tweet said he won't play.. in what, does not matter. Other guy arguing 'it didn't say he won't play'. Actually, its all it said. No specific in what though.

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