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Dolphins Beat Pats!!!


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Should be able to hit 300 on the ground against them


Less of the shotgun bullsh*t too. Just put Bohanon in there. Ivory and Johnson are an awesome one-two punch, give them a lead blocker instead of setting them up in plays that consistently take too long to develop. We're weak on the interior, we don't have this luxury.

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Geno's play of the game was when he decided to run backwards for a 21-yard loss taking the Jets out of FG range when they could have ended the game.


whic brady incompletion was your favorite ?  so many to choose from !!!  27 !!!!


hey, at least he put the team on his back and willed them to a come from behind victory with clutch throws

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The Pats really dont have that many good players. Gronk will get hurt soon enough anyways.



i've always thanked god that Belichunks is a bad GM for offensive personnel.  Brandon Lloyd never deserved to be cut.  Trading Logan Mankins?  I know LM got hurt today but it's still a retarded move.

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