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Dee Milliner

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Does not belong in the NFL. Discuss.

Relying on Milliner to start this season was completely reckless and unconscionable by our GM.

Dee Milner runs like Forrest Gump, pre back straightening.

Horrific start, but it's his first game back from injury. It was a lot to ask to go up against Rodgers/Nelson off the bat.


We've seen Revis get smoked in his first game back from injuries too, while Milliner is nowhere near that standard, I'm not giving up on him because of this.

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I dont even know why he was active for this game. I did not want him to be back from a high ankle sprain until he was 100% recovered and given the fact he did not play the whole game its a given he is not 100% recovered.


So I am not going to blame him. I just hope playing this game is not a setback to his recovery.

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I understand he's probably not quite 100 percent, but his problems run much deeper than the ankle. He's lost. In way over his head. It's so obvious. And he just doesn't look like an NFL athlete out there. Very disappointing. How many bust DBs can one defensive genius draft?

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 Needed to help Dee who was playing at 3/4 speed

If he was only playing 3/4 speed, when he bit on those play actions he would have only been 6 yrd's out of position rather than the 10 he was.

So Nelson would only have been 12 yards behind him rather than 20.

He's pitiful.

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