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Going to see the World Series trophy tonight!

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Funnily enough, no. It smelled like........like......victory.

NICE! Victory is like the new car smell, it doesn't last as long as you would like it to.

FYI I heard GM just built a new plant in the Bronx.

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Did they allow pictures?

Must have a been a great for you.

Bonus: BC Hoops lost last night too! Yeehawww!

Yep they allowed pictures. They drew 3 tickets to have fans a chance to hold the trophy and get their picture with it. It was pretty cool.

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Red Sox to receive rings with Yankees at Fenway

By HOWARD ULMAN, AP Sports Writer

February 23, 2005

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) -- The Boston Red Sox will get their World Series rings at their home opener April 11 before a full house of 35,000 fans -- and the New York Yankees.

The jewelry symbolizing the team's first championship in 86 years will be handed out in a pregame ceremony at Fenway Park.

``I'm sure I'm not going to help them hand them out,'' Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said to laughter at New York's camp in Tampa. ``But they deserve it. I'm sure they've been looking forward to this for a long time. So let them do it.''

Boston became the first major league team to overcome a 3-0 deficit in a postseason series, doing it against their biggest rival in the AL championship series last October. The Red Sox then swept St. Louis in the World Series.

``This is the kind of quality problem I hope we're going to be able to have with some frequency,'' Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said, ``sit around at spring training and decide just when, oh when, do we give out the World Series championship rings.''

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner had no complaints about the ceremony being held while New York is at Fenway Park.

``The Red Sox won their rings. They earned them,'' he said in a statement. ``They have the right to pick the date at which they present them, and it's not a personal affront to our players.''

To accommodate fans who didn't get tickets to opening day, the rings will be displayed at a welcome-home dinner attended by players that same night and at a display on the Fenway Park field along with the World Series trophy and the ball Doug Mientkiewicz caught for the last out of the Series.

Admission, perhaps $5, will be charged for the display, which probably will be held on April 12, an off day. Proceeds will go to the Red Sox Foundation.

It is called rubbing it in Yankee fans

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