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It appears teh best that we can hope for

Scott Dierking

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is a stale mate. Lagerheads as to what compensation is.

If the 4/5 compensation is being reported accurately, we will actaully hope that the NFL steps in and has to administer a compensation package.

That 4/5 is so utterly ridiculous, we actually have to hope that the NFL saves us from ourselves.

That is pathetic.

I would like to know who is negotiating and what the parameters are.


I hope the 4/5 talk is just smoke. That would be hoodwinking.

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The NFL HAS to be involved in deals like this when compensation picks are involved. The league must mediate REGARDLESS of the parameters that are to be set. But I don't think anything's happening anytime soon. All smoke.

NFL just has to sign off on it, they don't arrange the terms unless there is an impasse and that impasse does not reflect in the interest of the league and the parties.

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