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Jets \ Lions Game Thread

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Geno's wardrobe is as bad as his play.  This guy just makes me sick.  Rex will stay with Geno throughout the year. I don't even think its Rex's call. Idziot is making the call. Geno is his boy.  We a

We can never effing catch a break. Its all the way its called on the field. Twice in a row.

geno and idzik. the 2 biggest issues with the jets

just because you say it is not relevant  dos not make it so sorry but dude you are way off base here stop trying to defend bad football you asked a question I answered and you come back with this weak ass crap. Come on 32 teams pass on players all the time. I am will to bet 32 teams will say your wrong to. Either come back with something tangible or just stop

You asked for players that could help I named them. I noticed you did not go near the receivers list. I could have named revis as well is that a relevant player enough for you. Come on dude being realistic with what is out there the players I named are relevant.


If that's the way you want to discuss it, they also did not add Deon Sanders or Ty Law or Rod Woodson or Dick Lebeau.  Since out of the league does not matter.  So, they suck.

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with vick we'd probably be 4-0 or 3-1. really sad. i predicted geno takes us to 1-6 before rex finally wakes up. 66% of the way there.

2-8 by the break - GUARENTEED if Geno continues to start - then the weaker part of the schedule comes and Jets will feat on those scrub azz teams and we will end up 6-10.

Then the excuses will roll on in - ohhh Geno showed progress blah blah blah.  

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