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Letter to Herman Edwards & Terry Bradway

The Fat Man

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Dear Herm Edwards,

When you said that the defense needed a change, we fired Ted Cottrell. When you said that your offense needed a change, we fired Paul Hackett. When you said you needed help with running the clock and time management, we hired a clock management coach.

It is our fault, We knew you had no prior head coaching experience; no offensive or defensive coordinator experience at any level. You were a Defensive Backs Coach from 1996-2000 for Tampa Bay and a defensive backs coach and a scout for the Kansas City Chiefs for six seasons (1990-95).

In 1999, you interviewed for a head coaching job in Kansas City and were quoted as saying "A lot of guys have been successful who are not coordinators," "Some guys have talked to me about it, but I prefer the situation I'm in now. I don't have to call plays. I want to run it; that's the situation I'm looking for." source St. Petersburg Times, published January 20, 1999

Now after 5 seasons and a 39-41 record and coming off a 4-12 season and a team in shambles you want a pay increase. Is there anything else we can do for you?

Dear Terry Bradway,

You never achieved greatness at Kansas City. You had worked for eight years in the Chiefs' front office, three as their director of player personnel. You were promoted to that post after spending five years as the Chiefs' director of college scouting. You also worked for seven years as a scout with the New York Giants and three years as assistant director of player personnel for the Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars of the old USFL.

Rod Graves and Billy Kuharich, whom you shared an apartment, had been hired by general manager Carl Peterson to find players to help the USFL compete with the NFL.

Graves is the Arizona Cardinals' vice president of football operations. The organizations record under Graves is as follows; (1999 6-10), (2000 3-13), (2001 7-9), (2002 5-11) (2003 4-12) and (2004 2-14).

Kuharich would orchestrate the drafting of Ricky Williams at New Orleans. If you all recall, they traded Washington for Ricky Williams for all six of Saints

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