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Does anyone think Izdik has purposely set up Rex to fail


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Caldwell was our 3rd choice - after Gamble laughed at the idea of keeping Rex and left the room, and Telesco declined to even interview after learning of the requirement to keep Rex (and I'm not even counting DeCosta since he turned down every team that approached him).


And frankly, Bortles looks pretty damn good to my eyes, and it was by no means a lock that he was going to go that high. I don't think Caldwell's been nearly as bad as Idzik.


Gotta admit - I would have loved Telesco. I'm not super down on Idzik, though missing on Davis in FA has hurt so far. 

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Not really. This team wasn't ready to contend, Idzick knew this. He didn't want to bring in HIS coach because he knew this was a lost year.

Start fresh next year. Everything is going to plan except our scouting department sucks.

Only delusional JN posters thought we would contend this year.

so his drafts have been hideous is that what hes putting in place for his so called new HC ?


Bottom line is Both Idzik and Ryan have made their own beds they are simply not good at managing a football team nor are they good at evaluating talent.

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This is my concern too. We fire Mangini but keep Tannenbaum and Schottenheimer and Sutton. We fire Tannenbaum but keep Rex and Bradway and Bauer. We fire Idzik and Rex and...?

Idzik will get a chance with his own coach. To speculate otherwise is just more lame excuse-making for Rex by the usual, embittered suspects who ran out of hope that Rex was going to magically win 10 games this year and show all the haterzzzz

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