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Chefs vs. Pasties MNF suck thread of doom


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Would rather watch any beer, car or fast food commercial than any PSA about cancer or emergency planning. 


Everyone knows smoking s bad for you.


In an emergency situation, as we found out during the aftermath of Sandy, even if you're prepared things go to poop within a day or 2 no matter what. 


Sell me Bud Light instead.


Oh, Logan, my Logan, wherefore art thou? 

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I'll be really interested to see who the next guy is, and what the search process looks like. Either it'll be a quick deal where they hire one of the Seattle coordinators, or it'll be a ****fest where they're linked to every name coach on the planet, in which case Woody is pulling the strings.

Total speculation, so take it for what it's worth, but I read somewhere that Idzik loves Dan Quinn.

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Hey Rex that's how a good defense responds when you get field position...not a 91 yard drive

Yep. For rex, he measures a defense by yards allowed, and lately by rush yards allowed. But the nasty defenses that people fear create havoc which leads to turnovers, even if they give up more yards than rexs D.

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