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Chefs vs. Pasties MNF suck thread of doom


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Time for Tom Brady to retire because he sucks. 

So we're adding Tom Brady to the list of various QBs who can actually play NFL football reasonably well as points of comparison to sh*tbox Geno 3rd worst 20 game start of any QB in NFL history Smith . Duly noted. 

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Our safeties are always up at the los...

Honestly think rex wants to add a line to his resume every year... Least rush yards allowed in league, least yards allowed on 2nd down against NFC teams while playing in the rain allowed, least pass yards to backup TE allowed... Even in defense, he plays it "safe" in that he is always looking for the stops, not going for broke with a back breaking takeaway.

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Yep. For rex, he measures a defense by yards allowed, and lately by rush yards allowed. But the nasty defenses that people fear create havoc which leads to turnovers, even if they give up more yards than rexs D.

chiefs fans must be furious....totally screwing up their draft position right in front of our eyes....Alex smith is not the future how else are they gonna get a franchise QB and all ???
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