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case for vick just got a lot stronger


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Rex needs to dumb down the defense too. The over scheming is only hurting us...decent QB's have figured out our blitz packages and know how to pick them up and throw to the guy David Harris is covering.


Rex and Rob being the only two defenses without an interception isnt a coincidence. Their constant changes week to week can become exhausting for young players. Did we draft Pryor to just hang out at the line of scrimmage to stuff the run or did we draft him to roam the center of the field causing receivers to think twice?


there are no blitz packages so exotic or difficult to understand that an NFL QB can't figure it out after the snap.  rex's whole thing is pre-snap confusion.  you need experienced players to disguise things and still be ready to go at the snap.  the long bomb was just quarters coverage.  not over-scheming.  pryor played 25% of the snaps.  he missed a lot of camp and is catching up.  with the new CBA these guys don't get season ready until week 4 and he is behind


david harris is a huge liability in coverage, lets hope SD doesn't have any good TE's ;-)


the problem with the jets is discipline accountability and intensity.  not X's and O's

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It's also because we haven't drafted offense either. Our offense doesnt create any mismatches on the field...there's no one we have that causes defenses to specifically scheme for.

Anyone want to bet our scheme didnt change at all against Detroit after realizing Megatron was at less than 50%?

Jets probably thought megatron was rope a doping and rolled even more coverage his way. Defensive genius

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