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Will Vick start, and when?


Vick as Starter--Will/When?  

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  1. 1. When will Vick replace Geno and become the Starter?

    • Never. Geno's team unless he gets hurt.
    • During SD game
    • Before or during DEN game
    • Before or during NE game
    • Sometime in weeks 8-11
    • During BYE week (week 11)
    • Between weeks 12-17

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I don't think we see Vick this year unless Geno is hurt.  PFF 40th ranked QB last season and 38th (last) so far this season.  If that's not enough to make them try to improve the offense, nothing should be.  Just get him his 32 starts and go from there.

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All of the North Carolina Thug Turds will be at the Denver game. why not have a pos ThugTurd start for the Jets in that game?

Jets will announce Vick starter after Denver game. Give our new qb a short week with first team offense. #jetsfootball

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i fear Geno will play just good enuff to keep his job for a while. Not good enuff for playoffs but good enuff to leave in. To prolong this another year or 2.

After watching the first half at SD don't worry Geno is looking rattled. Oline looks bad today. I hate the idea of bringing vick in but what the heck maybe he can make something happen. At the least he can get hurt rather than Geno

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