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Dont ya miss the good old days....


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when we just argued on whether or not this season was all herms fault....and not how badly we were getting screwed?

its often hurt to be a jets fan, and despite how bad it hurts i will ALWAYS be a jets fan....but its never been like this before :?

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This has been one of my favorite season's ever. Short of winning a Super Bowl, what more can you ask for?

Never a dull moment. Bollywood finally got to show his stuff. Some of the games were fun to watch.

And now we get a disproportionately high draft pick and....Herm is outtahere.

Look on the bright side. The draft will be interesting. The HC/OC/DC/GM hirings will be intersting. The QB carousel will be interesting. Never a dull moment.

The tide is turning. Optimism reigns. Next year will be different.

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