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***Win Jets Gear: LIMERICK CONTEST***


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I don't want to be considered for the prize. I see quite a few winners already. With that said here is my first and last attempt at a limerick.


There was a GM named Idzik

He was asked to pick players by the dozen

Players who could have changed the course

For a team whose fans were coarse

With not winning anything since Nixon.


The GM even made all the twelve selections

At the end of which most made positive predictions.

But once again the team was left with cracks

As most picks were only good enough to face the axe

Because the GM had listened to his coach Rex.

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ATTENTION ALL, there were many great poems in here and I loved them all. Even the ones that sh*t on meFUThorAngeloPac. However, I could pick only one, and here it is. I like it because it's in format, credits me, but states a reality about the Jets that will hold true.

Congrats, sourceworx.

As we near the end of the reign

Of Rex, whom T0m held much disdain.

T0m surely will revel

When John hires Bevell

Who'll fail in the end, just the same.

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Congrats to the winner.  A fitting quote to summarize this thread...



At the root of all humor is sorrow.  For better or worse, there shall be no humor in heaven.

-Mark Twain (paraphrased)


i have underestimated you for years

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