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****The Official Jets vs Donkeys Game thres®©™****


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Please..... Have you ever considered that is because you are rooting for the Jets? I used to always think the refs were against the Jets too. Then one day I realized that I amazingly always thought the refs were against whatever team I was rooting for in every game. Then I woke up and stopped worrying about the refs, you cannot control them.


We have enough to worry about with our debacle of a franchise, they suck.

"the Jets were on pace for the most penalty yards in team history through 5 games" they just said it-what have you been watching?

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Do you understand that one was called incomplete on the field, the other was called complete, and you need to have conclusive evidence to overrule a play??


You want to be mad, be mad at the clown Rex who does not understand how challenges work after 6 years as a HC

I understand completely well especially since the first one should have been reversed. Do you understand that? I want to be made I am freaking pissed at the gm the coach and every freaking person thtat tries to support the.

But in this case this is not rex if the the refs called it right the catch is a moot point because a dlineman was held before the ball was thrown. but you seem to over look that point.

Everyone wants to hold the coach and gm to high standards fine I expect the same from a billion dollar entity that can even get calls correct and every pu$$ on the sidelines does not have enough sack to call them out

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