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Chiefs could name Edwards as early as today


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We hold all the cards at the table and we'll get a 4th and 5th rounder for him? Pathetic

Last night I was so convinced that KC was going to walk away and sign him after we let him go that I'm happy we got anything in exchange. We definitely got taken, but it could have been a HELL of a lot worse.

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Just wait till Terry is named Chiefs next GM. This is all going to be hilarious.

how do we hold cards????

he hasnt done anything to warrant a gruden/belly/vermeil cpompensation,,those guys were all known as football IQ guys,,he isnt

we dont want him back,,,

the chiefs know that, and know that if they hold out we will release him,,,

the chiefs/jets will settle on a 4/4 to prevent media backlash,,,

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