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Pass Interference Rule Clarification


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Why are the referee's getting more and more involved in today's game? 


If not for that lousy pass interference call on AA before halftime, we would have won the game.  

Yes, I mentioned that to several posters.  a terrible call-- really hurt us. Call may have cost us the game. And Rex's career.

....There is 10 days now for the blame game to be thrown around but basically we know this, the Jets are good enough to compete with likely playoff teams but not good enough to beat them. We’ll see how they play in the coming weeks against those who probably won’t be playoff teams (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Tennessee, Minnesota, Miami). A strong finish isn’t off the table and is needed for Rex Ryan who is now 15-27 in his last 42 games, 43-44 overall and only 14-17 against the AFC East.

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Not a carton fan..reallllly not a carton fan but he produced video of a ref telling Hightower to move off the center to avoid a penalty right before the snap of the blocked FG.....F this league why do we bother

I saw this too! Bullsht! 


Let the guy make the penalty and we would have been moved up 5 more yards and given another kick!



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Its over guys. I was pissed off as well last night but its over. Rex is done, this season is done and frankly any shot of the current roster staying the same is done. Rebuild, get a new HC, a New OC and DC, draft a new QB...its done.  


RIP 2014 Jets Season.

But...but.....the rebuilding process was suppose to start 2 years ago when Idzik came on board......so no we got to hit the reset button again!?!


I do agree however. 

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I am brain dead right now, but in the first half there was a play where the Jets completed a pass and I saw two penalties. Amaro held at the line of scrimmage and Breno had a block in the back. No call luckily on either.



I actually feel like there is a difference between a ref not calling a penalty and a ref calling a penalty that was not a penalty, but I don't know how to explain it.  LOL!  I suppose it is because there are probably penalties of some sort or other on 60% of plays.  So they have their pick of penalties to call.  To call one that is not there just means they are trying too hard.

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