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NY Media Defends the Jets for Once


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This could be the first time I've ever seen someone in the NY Media defend the Jets for being trolled.  What he writes is so true.  There seems to have been a well thought out plan here to make the defending Super Bowl champs look smart and the Jets look like morons for doing this deal...



Funny How All These Stories Leak Out After Percy Harvin Arrives to NY Jets From Seahawks - by Bob Raissman NY Daily News


"For all the stories written about Percy Harvin’s Jets arrival, all the columns, all the sociological treatises (Was Harvin exiled from Seattle because he didn't like Russell Wilson or think he was “black enough?”) there are still a couple of mind-boggling questions yet to be answered.

Like, in this day and age, with all the gaga over anti-social media, how could there be a locker-room fight between Harvin and Golden Tate the day before the Super Bowl and the story does not get out until nearly a year later?

Imagine a fight breaking out in the Yankees’ clubhouse? News of it would leak out shortly after blows were struck.

This Harvin-Tate rumble was either the most well-kept secret in sports media history or someone had the info and sat on it. Or did someone a favor by sitting on it. After all, the NFL and its member teams seem more inclined to play footsie with reporters who work for their various TV partners (they usually get the scoops) rather than local media.

For it was mighty convenient that only a few hours after the trade went down, info about the fight suddenly leaked. Whoever did the dripping wanted to demonize Harvin, make him look bad. This of course provided cover for Seattle and justified its trading him for next to nothing. It also cast the Jets in a negative light, portraying the organization as being thrilled over acquiring a player labeled a nut job.

Then there was this hilarious notion, presented as fact by “experts,” including former players turned TV analysts, about it being hard for Pete Carroll and his staff to design plays for Harvin, construct an offensive scheme that got him involved.

“Having Percy Harvin on that team put offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in a kind of tricky situation,” former Seattle running back Michael Robinson said on NFL Network. “Harvin’s not a pure wide receiver, he’s not a pure running back — he’s a guy that you have to game plan to get the ball for.”

Robinson was not the only analyst to parrot this line, which sounded like it was co-written by Carroll/Bevell. You had other guys who played the game at its highest level reciting it.

Someone explain why it’s hard to draw up plays for a player with that kind of skill? Since when is it a burden to find ways to get such a skilled player involved in the offense? Those questions were not answered, nor were they asked.

Too many analysts were busy skirting the real issue. That by spending so heavily on Harvin, and failing to find a way to maximize his talent and incorporate his personality, the Seahawks screwed up.

Yet judging by the coverage it was all Harvin’s fault."



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I'll wait and see what his time in NY is like before passing any real judgement. Either way their handling of Harvin from the initial trade to the contract they gave him was a abig mistake. 

then again they do have a Superbowl championship so there's that.

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