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2006 NFL draft the Jets will select...RB

The Fat Man

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There are only 3 backs on the my hot list; Reggie Bush & Tyrell Sutton & DeAngelo Williams.

2 of them have played legitimate teams and have decent rushing defense rankings. I like Sutton better for rushing numbers because of what he did in games vs Ohio State (Ranked #1) and Penn State (Ranked #10). Bush is a better receiver. I included some game stats too.

Reggie Bush

12 Games

1658 Rushing Yards

2005 Opponents/Rush Rank

Hawaii / 113th

Arkansas / 40th

Oregon / 45th

Arizona State / 95th

Arizona / 98th

Notre Dame / 24th (15 rushes 160 yards + 4 rec 35 yards)

Washington / 60th

Washington State / 71st

Stanford / 76th

California / 25th (17 rushes 82 yards)

Fresno State / 79th (23 rushes 294 yards + 3 rec 68 yards)

UCLA / 125th

Tyrell Sutton

11 Games

1390 yards

Ohio /83rd

Northern Illinois /80th (29 Rushes 244 yards)

Arizona State /95th

Penn State /10th (32 Rushes 112 yards + 3 rec 32 Yards)

Wisconsin /102nd

Purdue /58th

Michigan State /87th

Michigan /48th

Iowa /25th

Ohio State /1st (14 rushes 93 Yards)

Illinois /122nd

DeAngelo Williams

10 Games

1726 Yards

Impressive numbers but against teams like Tulsa, Chattanooga, UAB and other weak teams in the Conference USA division he is not included as a viable candidate. All teams Memphis played against were not in the top 50 rushing defense categories.

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