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Chief fans are celebrating!


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If the Chiefs fans see any other "valuable items" at our garage sale, please let us know and we'll throw in case of BBQ sauce with each order.

Rolex watches $5

Gucci bags $2.50

Miracle penis growth cream (adds 3 inches in a week, honestly) $1.50

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Herm Edwards is gonna make a great coach, he is young and could become a franchise coach in KC, winning multiple super bowls. NY is too scrutenizing of a city, here in KC he will be supported not criticized all the time. I think any decent offensive coordinator will do great with this potent offensive football squad. Just look at all the great talent the chiefs have. Saunders is good but, KC will be fine with Herm and whoever he decides to bring in.

This is a steal...gettin Herm for a 4th round pick and this has to very good for our defense and our potential FA acquisitons on defense. They see Herm, Gunther and possibly even Donnie Henderson...they will want to come here...because this will be a Top 5 defense.

And just for the record, I think that Herm will bring Donnie and appoint him Asst. HC and Asst. DC!

And I also think that John Abraham will come through on his statement and follow Herm here to KC...Allen and Edwards will be a feared duo throughout the league!


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(adds 3 inches in a week, honestly)

For real? :lol:

Wow, I thought all the sheep were in Montana and Texas? Sad part is Herm won't get uncovered till 08/09 when Trent and his line are shot and Larry Johnson's gone under the knife a few times. The Chiefs have enough going right that they can ease their way into mediocrity.

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