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Plane carrying “Fire John Idzik” banner flies over Jets practice

Jack Straw

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Plane carrying “Fire John Idzik” banner flies over Jets practice


Well, it’s just getting silly now.

As the Jets took the practice field Wednesday, a plane carrying a banner reading “Fire John Idzik,” flew over their facility, according to Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. It is apparently an effort independent from theFireJohnIdzik.com crowd, which wanted to buy a billboard asking for the Jets General Manager to be removed. Making the unusual scene that much more awkward was the fact that owner Woody Johnson was in attendance, talking with Idzik on the sidelines as the plane circled.


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This is just horrible.  Jet fans should really be ashamed of themselves.


And then fans wonder why no quality GM would even consider coming here....


This is a witch hunt for a GM that's had a year and half - really only a half a year...as the first year he had to clean up Tanny's mess...


(yes, he did what everyone else would have done, but it was a wasted year)

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You need to fire Rex at the Bye now. Otherwise, his idiot troll army will just get worse.

You're just jealous because this idiot troll army is better than yours, and just might be getting its way faster, too.

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