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Omar Jacobs declares- what round does he figure to go?

nj meadowlands

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He has officially been given a 4th round projection by the NFL's Draft Advisory Panel, made up of NFL scouts and GM's to help players decide whether they should leave or not.

Most 4th round projected players don't jump early, but he did.

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Vick hasn't been given a projection, I believe...

He never went through the process, he just got booted from school in a quick way...and was forced to declare.

For all his problems (and he's had a lot) stomping on Dumervil did him in -- Hokie fans were so disgusted, they revolted and the Prez forced Beamer to can him.

Overall, Virginia papers are saying Vicks' draft prospects aren't great....

Remember, Kiper went crazy for troubled QB Adrian McPherson in 2005 (claiming he was a sure fire Day 1 pick) and he lasted until round 5 or 6.

Vick, at 5' 11", probably gets hit harder.

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