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Congratulations to Mr. Ryan, our Head Coach!


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I've always said there's nothing that would surprise me when it comes to Woody's love for Rex. If we go 2-14 I honestly wouldn't be shocked to see him extended, inexplicable as it may be to the rational mind.

I'll take that bet - he's destined for either the broadcast booth, or a DC gig.


What the fuk is it?  Rex have donkey shots of Woody?

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If you look at the video from locker room showing what Rex told his team after the victory, right at the very end of the video it shows the owner in the background for a brief moment. The look on the owner's face does not say he is thinking about firing his coach.


If the JETS finish 5-11, 6-10 I won't be surprised to see Rex being retained on this team.



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