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Bradway was in on it! He'll be joining Herm soon...

The Fat Man

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Terry Bradway may have very well cut his last deal as a NY Jet. A 4th rounder for Herman Edwards. I say he was in on it! Thats right. Bradway will be leaving for KC soon and did not want to hurt his new team.

You do not work for someone for 10 years and not develop relationships with people as Bradway did in KC. He and Edwards planned this from the moment the season ended. A big pay raise awaits Bradway in KC.

They blew smoke up our asses the whole time. Peterson and Bradway were not conducting intense negotiations, they were trying to figure a way out of the tampering charges which Woody Johnson wanted to file.

Thas right you heard it from "The Fat Man". The 4th round pick was so everyone could save face. Now they are acting like it was a major transaction.

Do not piss down our backs and tell us it is raining!

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:evil: You guys ******* over complicate things in the world.

1. Herm left because the Jets didn't want him anymore.

2. The Chiefs sensed that the Jets didn't want him anymore, and decided to sit on their hands because they might be able to get him for free when the Jets released him from his contract.

3. If ANYTHING, Bradway's tie to KC was GOOD because the Chiefs did us a service by giving us aNYTHING AT ALL for Herman.

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