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Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

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5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

JiF, I read this and have some thoughts, but I haven’t had time to write them out as yet. But, in their original conception of TLOU2, Joel and Tommy brutally murder Abby’s family (in this scenario, she’s not the doctor’s kid, she’s just part of a caravan that gets overrun by a vicious Joel. There was also intended to be a long set piece where Abby comes upon Isaac, who radicalizes her. IMO, some of the story elements feel disjointed because they changed the concept so dramatically during the production phase.

Interesting, not sure which I like better to be honest...




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Oh f*ck yeah! After an 8 year wait, only a little over 2 months to go.  

Even the Madden's of that era had a great franchise mode. The effort put into it was incomparable to the lifeless garbage we have today. Online gaming just killed sports games. FIFA and Madden ha

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7 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

I haven't played video games since Madden '98.  Sometimes I think these games sound interesting and maybe I will give one a try.  After reading the last bit of this thread, I think I'd rather just read these posts and murder people. 

I wish I hadn't played Madden games since Madden '98.

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Got F1 2020 a couple of weeks ago. Most enjoyable F1 game I've played since the brilliance that was F1 97. Ended up getting the Seventy edition because the prices for the Schumacher version are still insane. I'll just buy the DLC instead, and still save about thirty quid. I have to have that Jordan 191 and those Benettons.

Just wish they didn't have that aural torture David Croft on it though.

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On 12/13/2020 at 8:47 PM, Jet_Engine1 said:

Any opinions on Cyberpunk 77 yet?

I have a few friends playing it. Buggy as **** on PS4 so wait for the patches, but nice on PS5. They say it’s massive and time consuming fun, and you can collect an array of dildos around town but can’t use them as weapons. 

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