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Vilma Speaks to ESPN Via Phone About Herm


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ESPN: You reaction to whats taken place with herm?

Vilma: "Umm my reaction,oviously is shouck,Um..a little suprised it happened,I was expecting to be with him next yr.he the guy that drafted me and we were just talking about next season...but this is a buisness and he has to do whats best for him"

Vilma: "We were told he was coming back. We were told by woody,terry & Herm had mentioned a bunch of times,He was coming back. I don't know if it's betrayal...but Im very suprised"

"When you say that to a team your trying to give them confidence,a little reasscurance knowing that next yr we can get it going again and lokm forward to some stability"

ESPN:Who's at fault?

Vilma: "I can't say. a 4th rd pick is a slap in the face to me. aside from this season he's been decent coach and we were better off keeping him another yr"

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Since J-Vil is one of two players that even give us a glimmer of hope for the future (Geez, I guess B Graham is the other) I wonder how long before he wises up and sezies the opportunity to leave this toxic wasteland for a better situation?

Ya know...kinda like everybody does to us???

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