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Jets schedule 1st meeting with HC candidate


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Jets | Team to meet with Vitt

Fri, 6 Jan 2006 17:40:19 -0800

Bill Coats, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, reports the New York Jets will meet with St. Louis Rams interim head coach Joe Vitt about their vacant head coaching position Monday, Jan. 9. The Rams don't consider Joe Vitt a candidate for their head coaching position.

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Joe Vitt's agent also represents these other HeadCoaches. Interviewing Vitt might be a package deal to get an interview w/ Martz, Jim Johnson or Al Saunders.



CHILDRESS, Brad - Head Coach, Minnesota Vikings

FOX, John - Head Coach, Carolina Panthers

GRUDEN, Jon - Head Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

HOLMGREN, Mike - Head Coach/Exec VP, Seattle Seahawks

MARTZ, Mike - Former Head Coach. St. Louis Rams

MORA, Jim - Executive VP-Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons

NOLAN, Mike - Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers

REID, Andy - Head Coach/Executive VP, Philadelphia Eagles

SHERMAN, Mike - Former Head Coach/Executive VP, GB Packers

WEIS, Charlie - Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame


BREWSTER, Tim - Asst Coach/Tight Ends, Denver Broncos

CUNNINGHAM, Gunther - Defensive Coordinator, KC Chiefs

DONATELL, Ed - Defensive Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons

HEIMERDINGER, Mike - Offensive Coordinator, NY Jets

HOUCK, Hudson - Offensive Line Coach, Miami Dolphins

JOHNSON, Jim - Defensive Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

MORNHINWEG, Marty - Asst Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles

SAUNDERS, Al - Asst Head Coach/Offensive Coord, KC Chiefs

SMITH, Richard - Defensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

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Talking to this guy is like going to Sam Goody to pick up a Led Zep remastered boxed set and coming home with some REO Speedwagon CD nobody ever heard of or listened to from the bargain bin.And his press conferences from what I saw where closer to Lubuyanka Prison KGB interrogations than polite exchanges. He would be a full blown media disaster in New York, unless he gave Canizzaro some Dunkin Donuts every day.

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I'd like to think they would. But the embarrassment it would cause Bradway would probably end his career. Not that he was complicit, just that he aad to know what was going on-the dinners in September opening weekend and when Peterson was in NYC the night before the Jisnt/Chiefs, Vermiel's comments, Edwards' obviously BS denials. The e-mails and phone records would be as damning for Bradway as for Edwards and the Chiefs.

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You have to bring in a certain number of candidates including minority candidates to make it look good-I would not get too concerned with the names you might see brought in for an interview as this point

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